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In-depth understanding of the body shaping industry.​

We take great pride in offering the highest quality roll shapers to our customers. Our years of experience and dedication to fitness, wellness, and aesthetic cosmetology have allowed us to become experts in the field of body shaping.
Our roll shapers are designed to provide a wide range of benefits, including improved muscle tone, enhanced blood circulation, and reduced cellulite. We believe that our products can help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Roll Shaper Benefits

Detoxification. Improves blood and lymph circulation

Reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite

General neuromuscular relaxation and neurological stress relief

How it works!

Introducing our innovative solution: roller machines. These specially designed devices are equipped with infrared heated rollers that offer a range of benefits for your body. With adjustable speed and heat supply, they provide a massage experience that incorporates elements of acupressure and stimulates lymphatic drainage. The mechanical pressure exerted by the rotating, uniquely shaped wooden rolls works wonders for your blood and lymph circulation. This helps to accelerate your metabolism, reduce fat tissue, and eliminate waste products from your body.

20 regular sessions for best results advised 2-3 times a week.
One full massage of 45 minutes is set up with 18 special positions.


Do rollshapers work?

It is a highly effective solution for sports recovery and may enhancing lymphatic function, skin tightening, addressing stubborn fat and cellulite, and achieving lasting results in the fight against obesity. The Roll Shaper massage is not only slimming and shaping but has also successful effects on your well-being.

What is the roll shaper lymphatic drainage?

This is a lymphatic drainage type of massage and, during the procedure, the whole lymphatic system is stimulated and lymph is directed to the lymphatic nodes. Blood circulates through a complex system of blood vessels and, respectively, lymph circulates throughout the lymphatic system.

Are there any side effects of the body roll shaper machine?

The therapeutic use of the Roller has an excellent effect. The method of treatment is safe, without side effects and painless. Sometimes if a person is pressing themselves too much on the machine they can have a little bruise.

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